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Distributor Interview with Patrick Birmingham of Stunster

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Kim: When did you start your business?

Patrick: I started Stunster.com in September 2007.

Kim: Why did you get started with Safety Technology business?

Patrick: It really all started out of curiosity.  I had just started building websites as a hobby, then one day someone told me about a free open source ecommerce software platform called osCommerce.

I downloaded and installed it and started playing with it.  Then I decided I needed to sell something.  I had no idea what to sell, but one day I was in the bookstore thumbing through some magazines and saw Mike’s (Safety Technology) ad.  I immediately thought to myself, “security products are great items to sell.”  That’s how it all started.

Patrick Birmingham PictureKim: What were some of the obstacles you had to face and how did you overcome those obstacles?

Patrick: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!  It’s all about getting traffic.  Of course, free traffic is the best.  But if you pay for traffic, how do you make it pay for itself?  I’ve played with various ways of generating traffic and that’s always an obstacle.

Kim: How has this business changed your life?

Patrick: The income from Stunster.com is a very nice supplement to my salary.  I enjoy running the business and plan to keep growing it.

Kim: What advice would you give to someone else starting a business?

Patrick: Continuously educate yourself and never give up.  I strongly believe that the harder you work, the luckier you become.

Kim: What is the main thing you are doing to drive traffic to your site?

Patrick: I do both SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click).

Kim: What’s your favorite product?

Patrick: I’d say the Taser products, particularly the X26c and M26c.

Kim: What is the craziest story that a customer has told you?

Patrick: I had a gentleman who used a stolen credit card to order items from me.  When I contacted him, he was upset that I contacted the police.  He stated I should have called him first.  I said, “Ok, we can settle it now by you paying.”  I never heard from him again and he would never answer my phone calls.  All of our communication was by email.  The police did end up searching his home but they didn’t find the stolen items. His ex-wife told the police he had just moved to another state.

Kim: Can you give me one of your internet marketing secrets?

Patrick: You must offer “great” customer service, which most people don’t consider marketing.  However, if a customer is happy with your customer service, they may become repeat customers and will recommend your business to friends and family.   If it’s a potential customer contacting you, many times if you respond quickly and even call them on the phone, that person will feel more comfortable buying from you.

I’ve had several potential customers call me on the phone but not leave a message.  I’ll see their caller ID and call them back.  Quite a few times they’ll end up buying from me because I took the time to call them to answer their questions.

One of the things I like about Safety Technology is that you can always quickly get someone on the phone.  Also, if I send an email I usually get a quick response.  I’ve dealt with other companies where you can’t get someone on the phone and if you send an email, they take 24 to 48 hours to respond.  That is poor customer service that will drive potential customers away!


9 Responses to “Distributor Interview with Patrick Birmingham of Stunster”
  1. Good story and gives me the incentive to keep going as traffic is difficult for me as well. I do not plan to give up however!

  2. Avatar of Larry Priest says:

    PATRICK: “Continuously educate yourself and never give up. I strongly believe that the harder you work, the luckier you become.”

    Credit to Safety Technology and Patrick for showing what hardwork can get you…EVERYTHING THAT YOU COULD EVER WANT!

    Although I’m still swinging the ax pick of determination into knowledge’s cold soil, I do find myself gaining more and more useful information. Sometimes I charge all of my findings to seredipity but it is the direct result of toil and labor, strain and tenacity. I will continue to give it my all until I make myself master over these tutorials and trials.

    Thanks M.G.

  3. I’m a real person, former military and cilivian police officer who wants to run my own business. I started about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had one sale so far. I’ve only advertised through Craigslist twice and sent out 300 flyers in a city of 1.5 million people. I still have s few tricks up my sleeve and I’ve got to admit I haven’t put enough effort into doing my research. Well I’m starting today, completely going to focus on every peice of email, letters, and website info that is at my disposal (courtesy of Mike). I’m commenting today in hopes of revisting to share, what I hope to be a sucessful story.

  4. Avatar of John Blair says:

    Hello everyone! I am a brand new member. I will have a story about my success with safety tech soon. I think security will continue to be a hot item.

    Best to all JS

  5. Avatar of Greg Greg says:

    Great story…just starting out and this shows that with hard work and keep-to-itness you will succeed. Would also like to add a comment about the “help desk” at Safety Technology. I totally agree with Patrick that every time I emailed them with a problem, no matter how small, their response was within hours and always very helpful….

  6. I’d like to know what percentage of your sales come from the web? I really like all of these interviews and would like to know this from other interviews.


  7. Avatar of Raymond Torres says:

    great story

  8. Avatar of Raymond Torres says:

    that is a great story

  9. Just got my website today! I’m really excited and well aware that hard work is needed to succeed, I am up for the challenge because I believe in the products. Great story thanks Patrick.

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